JS Compressor

Minify your JavaScript files online

How to Compress JavaScript ?

Just copy and paste your javascript code (minified or unminified) in the Input JS textbox and click on Compress button. Wait for the minification to finish (usually instant) and copy the minified code from Compressed JS tab. Any error in unminified javascript code will appear in Errors tab. There is a Reset button also for clearing textboxes. The compressor is done by open source uglify 3 package with support for ES6+ language features.

Why Compress JavaScript ?

By compressing javascript code, you'lll improve performance of your site and save from copying your code by someone because of mangling of JS variables. It will also reduce javascript code by 30-40% of original size without gzipped. Gzipping will further reduce your javascript code and supported by proxy server like nginx.

Privacy Note: 

JavaScript data sent to server is short lived and stored only in memory till compressor does its job. Not any kind of database is used for this tool.