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Max file size limit: 12 MB

How to Compress Image ?

Simply click or drop your png/jpeg files in above box and start compression. You can optionally select for files to compress with lossless mode instead of lossy which will compress your files without modifying any pixel and will only remove comments, extra metadata. For websites, we recommended you to use the default (lossy) mode which will compress your images upto 70%.

Multi Upload & Batch Processing

You can upload upto 15 files at once with max 3 files to be processed in parallel unlike other online compressor which only compress one file at a time.

SEO Friendly Images

Compressing images for web not only boost performance and initial loading time, but it also gives you huge benefit in terms of SEO.

Privacy Note: 

Images uploaded and compressed on our server are short-lived and available for max 24 hours. We never reuse your images elsewhere.