CSS Compressor

Minify your CSS files online

How to Compress CSS ?

Just add the unminified (or loosly minified) css code in the above textbox and click on Compress button. Wait for the compression to finish and result will appear on Compressed CSS tab box. You can see minification error on Errors tab if occurs. To compress another set of code, either reset the textbox via Reset button or just replace it with new code. The compressor uses the open source CSSO and clean css minifier.

Why Compress CSS ?

Every bytes count for performance. That's why using minified css on website will improve performance and ranking on google. Along with gzip compression which can be done on server, minification will reduce your css size by 20-30%.

Privacy Note: 

CSS data sent to server is short lived and stored only in memory till compressor does its job. Not any kind of database is used for this tool.